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Top Gear 4x1

Rover CityRover

REVIEWS: Lotus Exige • Rover CityRover • Aston Martin DB9

CHALLENGE: Epic Race: Aston Martin DB9 vs. TGV and Eurostar french fast trains – London to Monte Carlo • Apache Gunship Helicopter vs. Lotus Exige can it missile lock?

In an attempt to prove that trains are useless, the team race from the exclusive surroundings of the Top Gear studio in Surrey, to the downbeat Café de Paris, Place du Casino in Monte Carlo. Richard and James take trains (including the high-speed TGV) whilst Jeremy drives an Aston Martin DB9.The show also introduces the Indian-made City Rover. However, Rover wouldn’t let anyone on Top Gear drive one, so an ingenious plan was hatched to test the car using covert tactics. An Apache helicopter gunship tries to get missile lock on a Lotus Exige driven by Jeremy – obviously!Fay Ripley is the Star in a Reasonably Priced Car.

Top Gear: S04E01
May. 09, 2004