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Top Gear 2x4

Clarkson Doesn't Get Bored of Driving

REVIEWS: Jaguar R Coupe • Jaguar XKR-R • Aston Martin DB7 GT

CHALLENGE: How far can you drive until you become bored in a Mark 3 Jaguar XJR

A look at the iconic Jaguar MKII, the first car ever to have disc brakes and a badge on the back to warn drivers that it stopped quickly. There’s a look at possible Jaguars of the future with the R Coupe concept car, whilst James drives the C Type Jaguar. Jeremy drives the Aston Martin DB7 GT and the Jaguar XKRR.A.A. Gill champions the London taxi as the greatest car of all time and bumbling Boris Johnson is the Star in a Reasonably Priced Car.

Top Gear: S02E04
Jun. 01, 2003